Shawn Rhoden – The Secret Recipe to Winning the 2018 Mr Olympia

Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden aka “Flexatron” talks about the mindset he incorporated to become Mr. Olympia. In addition, his trainer Christopher Lewis and guru Chris Aceto share a few insights in regards to the successful preparation.

Flexatron has been hunting the Olympia trophy got many years and the first time he competed against the former champion was back in 2011. 

Before the 2018 Olympia, not many people believed that Shawn Rhoden would be called out as the winner of the event.

However, during the prejudging, it was clear that 7 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath was in trouble. Flexatron brought it. He had very good conditioning plus a flow and balance to his physique which was hard for Heath to match.

Heath is strong in his back shots, but from the front, especially the front double biceps, and abs and thighs shots Rhoden is hard to beat.

In the featured video, 4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Flexatron talk about the importance to think and act like a Mr. Olympia in order to become the champion.

In addition to the win his trainer Christopher “Mr. Psycho Fitness” Lewis shares a few insights on what the training and tactics to win the Olympia looked like. 

Furthermore, Flexatron’s diet coach Chris Aceto also weighs in on the successful strategy to victory.


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