Sylvester Stallone Works Hard In the Gym Despite the Age of 72

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is currently filming Rambo 5. In addition, he is working hard to get in shape for the new movie. Even if Stallone hit 72 years of age this year, his passion for training is still there and reaches far beyond the movie set.

The first Rambo movie had its release back in 1982 and became an instant cult classic. It has now gone 36 years since its premiere, and Stallone is back in training once again to portray the life of John Rambo.

Stallone has been around Hollywood for more than 50 years but has never stepped away from physical activity. It’s rather the other way around since he trains hard and is open for new ways of training and not just basic weight lifting.

At many times Hollywood actors prepare for roles and trains to fit the specific character. However, when the movie is all set and done many fall back into old routines and the gym sessions decline. However, there are a few examples who have a universal passion for fitness.

– Stallone is one of them, as well as 7 time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger another one, plus Dwayne Johnson. These are guys who live and breath training as much as they can; even the days when they’re not standing in the middle of a movie set.

Rambo 5 will have its premiere in 2019.


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