The Principles of the Cheat day!

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Author: Linda Ericson


“Cheat day” is a term used mainly in the world of bodybuilding and refers to that day when your diet mode is turned of and you more or less allow yourself to enjoy those foods y42249e1c 2adf 9c49 The Principles of the Cheat day!ou normally exclude. This is of course during a limited amount of time before you get back to those healthy routines you’ve struggled earlier to achieve and maintain.

As always we have to look at the individual case, its conditions and goals, but whomever you are studying you will not find a day devoted to mindless binging more positive than negative. That is something very important to have in mind even though many of us experience that we first and foremost benefit mentally from these microvacations. Depending on both quantity and frequency of our cheat days or cheat meals, it is not rare to experience both mental clearness and increased strength the day after since our storages are refilled with awaited carbohydrates.

In order to take a short break from a tough diet and at the same time get the hopes up when motivation starts to decline this way of hormone manipulation can definitely inject some new energy.

Increased energy levels and a happier mind is of course something to count as a gain, a profit, but the very definition of the word cheating should also ring a bell of awareness. The concept of a modest cheat day is unfortunately often more a theory than practice since many of us don’t just serve an extra portion of somewhat healthy food or gets a few drinks in the company of friends, but engage in some kind of decadence which sometimes knows no limits. This behavior is something that above all causes bad conscience, bloatedness and not rarely the exact same weight gain we were trying to avoid in the first place.

The conclusion here is that if you are lacking self discipline than maybe these refills are not for you. It might initialize a dangerous, compulsive behavior rather than help you achieve your goals.
Are you on the other hand a thoughtful individual with boundaries, the advantages will probably outweigh the disadvantages.

So how do you know if cheat days are good or bad for you as an individual?
If you start your weeks accompanied by anxiety than you would be wise to try another strategy. A major part of creating and maintaining a healthy diet is to learn how to resist and/or achieve some kind of balance in relation to foods that are really not good for us in the long run.

The hard part is not to buy a food program or do the weekly meal prep.

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