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Tristyn Lee Trains Chest with Shawn Rhoden & Stanimal

Tristyn Lee from Canada is only 15 years of age and has already exploded in popularity on social media due to his impressive physique.

The 15-year-old Canadian mini powerhouse is a soccer player and passionate bodybuilder.

To gain more knowledge the young Canadian Went to Gold’s Gym California for a week.

Lee visited the Mecca to meet some IFBB Pros and professional trainer to gain some more knowledge.

In addition, a few of his knowledge sources through the week were the famous trainer Christopher “Mr. Psycho Fitness” Lewis and Shawn Rhoden plus Stanimal.

Even if Lee is very passionate about bodybuilding he has not set out a specific goal to compete or not. The Canadian actually found his passion for bodybuilding when he wanted to add some extra weight in order to become a better soccer player.

Hitting the stages or not, bodybuilding is a passion for the Canadian small powerhouse.

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