This is the first interview on the segment called Nordic profile. The athlete we are about to meet took a third place at the Swedish nationals a few weeks back in a very tough line up – the best in years. He lives and breathes bodybuilding and has set a career goal to reach in a few years.

Let’s welcome national profile: Albin Eriksson

Country: Sweden

City: Uddevalla

Age: 32

Occupation: Maintenance Technician.

Height: 174.5 cm 5.8 ft

Weight off season : 105kilogram 230 lbs  / on 88kilogram 194 lbs

contest background: 

Alströmertrofen 3a 2010, 4a -80kg luciapokalen 2010, 5a -90kg sm 2012, 4a -90kg norway open 2014, 3a -90kg sm 2014

RM: Albin, would you like to tell us how you got involved in the sport of bodybuilding?

AE: At age of 14 my older cousin took me to the gym one day, that’s when I started training with weights. But it was some years later I took it to another level, starting with a diet because I thought I had gained a littlunnamed (5)e too much weight. After that I was hooked realizing what I could do with my body. So later in 2010 I did my first competitions placing 3th and 4th.

RM: What is the best thing about competing?

AE: The best think is my own feedback I get from it, by competing I get my progression black n white.
And I think the journey is part of the goal, pushing myself towards competition shape and dieting, also I enjoy every second of the stage time.

RM: Do you have any funny moments to share that occurred during the years of gym training?

AE: Many, some years ago at my old gym I noticed a new girl in the gym when I was resting between deadlift sets.
In the middle of my next heavy set this attractive girl walked by behind me and as I raised with the barbell heavy loaded I couldn’t keep my “gas” in, so with this loud noice with her right behind me I letunnamed (3) it go. hahaha

RM: Do you have any specific goals when it comes to bodybuilding?

AE: I have this desire to win the Swedish Nationals, and next time around competing I think I’m going to do Arnold Classic Amateur and maybe some show in US.

RM: To become a successful bodybuilder, how would you grade this values divided in percents. Genetics, supplements and training?

AE: 25, 15, 60, I think you can be pretty successful with discipline in training and diet. Genetics and supplements comes in on top of that.

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RM: Where in life do you see yourself in 10 years?

AE: I have my gold medal from the Swedish nationals, competing both on a national and international lever. But still as a amateur.

RM: How would you describe you training style

AE: Volume training and for most part heavy.

RM: In the round up, is it anything you want to add or someone to thank please feel free to do so:

I want to mention my sponsors and team Olimp, you guys are worth your weight in gold for me and my bodybuilding career.

Thank you for taking your time and doing this interview with us. Albin we wish you all the best in the future.

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