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Watch Brandon Curry’s Impressive Guest Pose in Hungary

Brandon Curry is currently in preparation for the Mr. Olympia in September. Additionally, he made an impressive guest pose appearance with his supplement company Scitec in Hungary recently.

Brandon Curry

More than being a top athlete of the Scitec team the 35-year-old Curry also belong to the Camel Crew. A team he shares with Roelly Winklaar and Big Ramy to name a few.

This additional collaboration between Curry and Bader Boodai and trainer Abdullah has taken him to a completely different level of bodybuilding. Curry is much larger than before he went to Kuwait. Upon that has brought much better conditioning on stage.

In addition, the 35-year-old both won the Arnold Classic in Australia and the Ferrigno Legacy in 2017 – where he toppled the 40 year old Cedric McMillan.

The Mr Olympia weekend is 4’5 weeks away, and is set to take place between 13-16 September Las Vegas.



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