WATCH: Victor Martinez & Larry Wheels Practice Posing

Larry Wheels
IFBB Pro Victor Martinez & NPC athlete Larry Wheel both Maximum Human Performance team (MHP) athletes, recently got together and practiced mandatory poses in preparation for Wheels upcoming show at Miami Nationals.

43 year old Victor Martinez is a legend in the sport of bodybuilding and has been competing for decades. His most famous competition was when he placed second to Jay Cutler in Mr, Olympia 2007. In addition, many fans and people of the fitness industry actually had Martinez in the first spot that year,

Being an achieved IFBB Pro, Martinez has a lot of knowledge and insights into bodybuilding. This is also something which could be helpful for 23-year-old Larry Wheel’s bodybuilding career. In addition, a video which was posted on Instagram where the two MHP athletes teamed up,

The last time The 24-year-old competed was at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in California where he won both the heavyweight class as well as the overall. Wheels is currently in preparation for the Miami Nationals in 15 weeks. When Martinez is competing again, is yet to be known.


“Incredibly grateful to have Victor and Gerard help me with posing during prep for Miami national
He’s 43 years old and still blowing young bucks like me out the water! What an Inspiration”

– Larry Wheels


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