Why Whiskey and Weightlifting are not compatible

Whiskey and weightlifting are not compatible. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few before going to the gym for your next session. This means that bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to lead a healthy lifestyle must avoid alcohol.

Let’s first look at the reasons people lift weights. To be stronger, fitter and healthier, weightlifters go to the gym every day. Bodybuilders go to the gym to gain muscle and burn body fat, and to have the best physique possible.

Let’s now see how alcohol can hinder both of these scenarios. The first and most important thing for both bodybuilders and weightlifters is that alcohol reduces testosterone production. Your body produces testosterone, which is an essential hormone that can be used to build lean muscle mass and muscle. The natural testosterone levels in men are higher than those of women. This is why men tend to have larger muscles than their female counterparts. Do you really want to turn off such a powerful muscle-building hormone. You wouldn’t lift heavy at the gym every week, would you?

Second, alcohol can slow down your body’s fat-burning capabilities. Your body can use sugars from alcoholic drinks for energy much faster than it needs to, so long as alcohol is present in your system, your body doesn’t need to burn bodyfat. Most bodybuilders find it difficult to get ripped without losing any potential fat-burning time.

Third, alcohols, liqueurs, and beer can all add significant calories to your daily diet with little or no health benefits. Gin, vodka, tequila, rum and tequila can all have up to 82 calories per ounce, while regular 12-punce beers only have 146 calories. Mixes can have 450 calories or more depending on the mix. For example, Pina Coladas may contain 450 calories. If you consider that a steady-state cardio session on the treadmill burns 500 calories an hour, then having four to five drinks with friends on Saturday night can easily offset the hours spent on the elliptical or treadmill all week.

You don’t have to be at the bar with your friends, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Offer to be their designated driver and see how many times you are invited along, often at their expense. Keep your drinks healthy. For example, you can order soda water & Cranberry juice to get a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. Or, you could opt for a “virgin screwdriver”, also known as an orange juice glass. Bodybuilders and weightlifters can still have fun with their friends, but you should leave alcohol out.

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