11 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Your Back Fat

Fat loss
Fat loss

Learn how to lose fat fast.

Trying to lose stubborn back fat is difficult, particularly since spot reduction is not possible (despite what internet influencers may tell you).

Most often, back fat is caused by a combination of atrophy in the muscles of your back and excess fat. What causes back fat, and how can you shed it?

First, atrophy in the back muscles. This basically means they have lost strength and tone. Poor nutrition and lack of resistance training (resistance exercise) are the main causes of muscle atrophy.

Excess body fat is also linked to poor nutrition and inactivity. Combining both of these causes excess fat tissue to build up around the back. This can lead to flab around your lower and upper backs as well as your sides. Flab around the sides and lower back contributes to the appearance of a muffin top. It will take effort and dedication.

As we mentioned, it is impossible to reduce one particular area of your body. Even though deadlifts are often reserved for the back, this doesn’t mean that all those lifts will make your back appear slimmer.

There are lifestyle changes that you can make to slow down muscle atrophy and help answer the question of how to lose fat. Instead of focusing on calories, you will need to create a plan for how to lose back.

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