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Classic Bodybuilding: Calle Bolund

  City: Sundsvall, Sweden Age: 24, Born -93 Occupation: Student (teacher) Marital status: Girlfriend Height: 178 cm 5’10 Division: Classic Bodybuilding Years in training: “Gymtraining” since 2010 ish Weight on / off 82.5 kg 180lbs / 90 kg ish… 200lbs Favorite cheat meal: Icecream and burgers! Contest background: 13 competitions and one guestposing. Tammerpokalen …

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IFBB Men’s Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede

City: OSLO Age: 26 Occupation: Plumber, Fitness Athlete and model Marital status: Single Height:  174m – 5´8ft off-season and on season 172-173cm – 5’7ft Division: Mens Physique Years in training: Training 24 years, Martial arts 15 years, Cheerleading 5 years, Fitness 3.5 years Weight on / off:  Off season 83 kg …

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IFBB Men’s Physique Pro: Dennis Johansen

  Country: Norway City: Fredrikstad Age: 29 Occupation: Student (Industrial design/engineer) Marital status: Girlfriend Height:  174 / 5.8 Division: Men’s Physique Years in training: 9 years Weight: on / off: 79kg – 174lbs on / 83kg  – 183lbs off Favorite cheat meal: Burgers RM: First off, huge congratulations to your win at the Nordic Pro. Secondly, Dennis …

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Interview: IFBB Classic Physique Pro: Terrence Ruffin!

Our next profile to feature on Rising Muscle is the 22 year old Terrence Ruffin from Florida! With just 4 years of serious training, Ruffin has already won titles in the pro-division and has proven that he poses a threat to anyone who aims to win the illusive Classic Physique Sandow at …

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Interview: Classic Physique Competitor Cody Drobot!

Next in line for an interview is actually the first Classic Physique competitor we have had on Rising Muscle. The athlete is Cody Drobot from Canada who already has made an impact in the bodybuilding community due to his impressive aesthetic physique. Cody has been competing successfully for the two years …

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  Next stop in Rising Muscle’s global profile series will take us all the way to Philippine Islands where we are going to meet up bodybuilding phenom Eduardo Pineda Jr. for an interview. Pineada Jr. has had a successful competitive 2015 and 2016 as an amateur and has additionally been living in …

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Interview: IFBB Pro Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond!

Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond is the youngest of eight syblings and was born December 29th, 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts. In his younger years before Raymond turned to the sport of bodybuilding he tried out different sports  like football, soccer and wrestling to baseball, basketball and track. The beginning of Jose’s bodybuilding …

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Our next athlete in the Global profile series is one of Europe’s most prominent  bodybuilders of today. After a sport injury he decided to switch sport activity, to instead become a fulltime bodybuilder. He has gone very far already in his career as an amateur, and the next career step is …

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