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Mr. Olympia Final Results

Mr. Olympia results

The 2018 Mr. Olympia weekend has come to an end. Before this year’s Olympia, many experts and fans were certain that Phil Heath would win his 8th consecutive Sandown. However, as a surprise Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden. brought his A-game and became the 14th Mr. Olympia in the history of bodybuilding.

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Tampa Pro: Results day 1

Tampa Pro Day 1 is Completed This show was the last IFBB Pro show to win or collect enough points to qualify for the Olympia weekend in 6 weeks. In the following lists the results are revealed in the additional classes.         Don’t forget to follow Rising …

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The Natural Phonomena Eugen Sandow

eugen sandow

Eugen Sandow, born in Königsberg in Preussen, was a physical performer and a pioneer of bodybuilding and fitness.  Eugen Sandow or actually (Friedrich Wilhelm Müller), was born April 2, 1867 by a Russian mother and a German father. Later on in life Sandow was faced by doing mandatory military service. Since …

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Happy Birthday to Arnold Schwarzenegger

  Arnold Schwarzenegger aka “The Austrian Oak” Celebrates his 71st Birthday today More than being a successful bodybuilder with multiple Mr. Universe titles as well as 7 Olympia Sandows, Arnold is also successful in many other fields. As commonly known Arnold is one of top names in the action movie …

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