benefits of glutamine


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and is the most commonly found in the body. It is also one of the 20 proteinogenic amino acids, meaning that it is a component in the protein synthesis glutamine
that builds new muscle. It can improve the metabolism of protein and prevents the breakdown of muscles.

During intense training, glutamine is used. When the levels are low, it decreases your strength, stamina and overall recovery. Glutamine can take a long time for the body to restore on its own, up to 6 days.


This amino acid can also promote the release of human growth hormones, which helps metabolize fat and helps new muscle growth. As little as 2 grams of glutamine can increase HGH levels by 400%. It is also useful for cutting weight, since it helps maintain muscle while getting rid of unwanted fat.

Glutamine plays an important part in the body’s immune system. Since athletes are more susceptible to illnesses after intense workouts when glutamine levels are low. Therefore, it is important to replenish yourself with L-glutamine through supplementation.


It is preferable to use about 10-15 grams of glutamine a day with 5 grams at a time. It is also important to remember that glutamine is found in many protein powders and other supplements.

Benefits of glutamine supplementation

  • Glutamine is one of the most essential nutrients for the intestines, as it has the ability to maintain the structural integrity of the intestines.
  • It helps keeping you hydrated and speeds up recovery and healing of wounds.
  • Glutamine can help with the healing of stomach ulcers.
  • It restores your glutamine levels faster.
  • It helps with immune system function.
  • It increases the release of growth hormones, which help promote muscle growth.

Regarding possible side effects: the ammounts of glutamine which the body can’t absorb comes out the natural way. Additionally, the supplement is not dangerous to overdose, but unnecessary.


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