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The person we are about to meet up for an interview this time is blessed with more than great bodybuilding genetics.  She really has a unique and strong personality and is not afraid in any way to share her feelings and point of views on things in the bodybuilding industry and life itself.  10805193_578558482274086_1126935017_n

Let us welcome the charismatic and entertaining Carolyn ”The Iron Princess” Bryant to beyond the stage!

RM: Carolyn, you made your bodybuilding debut at 33 years of age, why did you wait so long before entering the stages?

CB: Well I have been on all kinds of stages since age 16 as a professional dancer, beauty queen and sportscaster. When I got serious in the gym I chose powerlifting as a sport until I suffered a serious back injury. I still wanted to compete in something so I picked bodybuilding or maybe it picked me.

RM: Would you like to tell us what your current days consist of when it comes to work and training?

CB: My life is a reality show. Cameras should follow me every waking moment just to experience what this muscle girl goes through on a regular basis. Other than raising a teenager and trying to st154422_531913610154148_832612812_nay fit and fabulous, I have business called Stay Lean Gourmet Desserts which offers healthy treats that won’t blow your diet. I work for an agency as a Health Screener/Lab Technician. And I often moonlight as a Fitness Professional for selected clients.

RM: Do you have any crazy stories to tell us that that occurred during your years of training?

CB:  Lots of them. While training for a bench press competition we put 225 pounds on the bar, a max for me at the time, and I when I got it up my feet went into the air because I was so excited and I kicked my partner in the face.  Thank god I didn’t break his nose or bust his lip.

RM: What are the most important characteristics a man should have from your perspective

CB: The prefect man should be Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Sexually and Financially SECURE!!! A real man should simply be real. Intelligent is the most attractive quality. Insecurity is the most unattractive quality.

RM: What is important to practice when it comes to posing and presenting your physique on stage when it come199401_1842605152335_863670_ns to bodybuilding and fitness?

CB: Knowing your strengths. Learning how to work your angles like Modeling 101. Being confident, poised and entertaining. If this is not your forte, pick some awesome music to move the crowd. Take a dance class or hire someone (like myself) who knows what to do and can bring these things out. It starts with looking like a winner.

RM: What are the keys to happiness according to Carolyn Bryant?

CB: Knowing what you want in life and how to get it. My life is pretty simple. I like it that way.

RM:  Do you have any favorite movies you would like to share with us and additionally tell us why the movie is special for you:

CB: Well I watched “Gladiator” everyday before I went to my 10pm cardio session while prepping for a show. “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Sampson” and “Scarface.” I love strongmen, gangsters and sappy love stories.

RM: Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, what are your plans and if you had to wear a costume which one would it be and why?

CB: This is my favorite holiday outside72255_542339905790147_1002069302_n of my birthday. The Princess loves to dress up, which I do whenever I feel like it. People are used to seeing me at an expo in some type of costume. I wore my tiara while walking thru the airport. That was a hoot. This year I will be a Samari Geisha girl.

In the final of this interview is there anyone you would like to thank or something you might add – please feel free to do so:

CB: Well I want to thank you for this interview. I thank my mum and dad for my good genetics. And I thank god for every day for my health and strength.

Carolyn, thank you for the interview. I really hope we will see more of you in the future so that everyone can get the chance to experience your unique and powerful personality.

Best of Luck in the future wishes RM and Beyond the Stage

To get in contact with Carolyn: [email protected]



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