When it comes to giant promoters and true passionate people in the bodybuilding and fitness world there are a few10928809_10202202764110429_1550167168_n names that come to mind. In the Nordic countries
there is more or less only one man to talk about. The person we are talking about is also an IFBB president over Scandinavian countries and a international judge. Moreover he’s also the editor in chief for the Finish magazine Body Lehti and there is more.

In addition to this he has succeded to put both Finland and the Nordic countries on the map by his dedication and passion he puts into the sport so many of us love.

Let us Welcome K.p. Ourama to Rising Muscle & Beyond the Stage.

RM: KP. You have a long history in the sport of bodybuilding & fitness. Would you like to tell us how your passion for the sport started?

KP: I started lifting weights 1981, it was October I think. Basically I just wanted to do some sports and I happen to visit a small gym and there were couple of my friends who showed me how to do bench press, flyes and some bicep curls. Immediately I know that this is it!

RM: In how many fields of bodybuilding & fitness are you involved in?

KP: I’m member of IFBB and EBFF Executive Councils, I’m the President of Scandinavian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and President of IFBB Finland. I used to do more judging in the past and I have been IFBB International Judge since 1990 and IFBB Professional Judge since 1991. I’ve judged 6 or 7 Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic competitions between 1994-2002, I don’t recall the years exactly.

RM: In addition, would you like to speak a bit about the shows you are promoting?

KP: I stared promoting competitions in 1983 so I have been in business for 32 years now. The first Fitness Expo I promote in 1996 and 2003 we moved to Lahti Sports and Exhibition Center. In 2011 I decided to build an International event and that became true in 2012 when we changed our name to Nordic Fitness Expo and we run the first IFBB Nordic Pro Cha10669374_10201709628702352_8899086303054478914_ompionships. My goal was made Nordic Fitness Expo or NFE an International and well-known event in Europe and I think I succeed on that. In 2014 we started Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships with help of my good fried 4-time Figure Olympia Winner Nicole Wilkins.

Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships is for bikini fitness and body fitness (figure) and the overall winner of both divisions will get an IFBB Pro Card! And if pro Card winner want to compete that same night as a Professional Athlete in Nordic Pro, that can be arranged! That mean if you come to NWFC and you are just known in your own country, you can leave Nordic Fitness Expo as a Professional Athlete and not only that, but if you manage to win the Nordic Pro, you will get an invitation to 2016 Olympia! Isn’t that something? You can’t do that in no other contest than Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships! By the way, Nicole Wilkins and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the only IFBB Pro’s who have a competition on their name and where you can get the IFBB Pro Card. I would call Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships as a real life Cinderella Story!

RM: In you were given one million dollars to put inside a project outside of the bodybuilding and fitness industry – what project or business would choose?

KP: Umm… charity? I’m doing fine so given one million is fine, but I 10448721_10201061287654231_2528487962242282872_obelieve we must earn the money by working hard or making wise decisions.

RM: Where do you out industry evolving in 20 years from now?

KP: We still have athletes who are idols for the others and competitions where those idols can battle who is the best. Fitness Sports and Bodybuilding will be more well-known and at least more accepted in General people as they are now. People are eating better because our athletes who are great examples for everybody and people are also more known about how important is to exercise, not only get better shape, but also be more healthy.

RM: Who is you all time favorite bodybuilder in the Nordic countries and why?

KP: This is easy, my good friend Marko Savolainen of course. He was ahead of his time but too bad he got so much healthy problems so he had to stop competing.

RM: You must have a lot of funny gym or expo memories that has occurred over the years – would you like to share a story or two with us?

KP:  There are too many to p10272515_10201087400347032_2337809858191699713_oick up just one.  Ok, back in 1996 (I think?) I was training at the Gold’s Gym Venice. I was talking to freelance photographer Jim Amentler when suddenly a young women with baseball cap and ponytail come to say hi to Jim. Jim introduced me to her and I somehow didn’t hear her name. Jim said that I’m a professional Judge and trainer back in Finland so this young woman asked if I can help her next day with her workout and then she can buy me a lunch after the workout session. I said ok and we got a deal.


The next day I remembered that I have an appointment with her, but I was too lazy to walk to Gold’s at that time because I would have my own workout couple hours later so it was too complicated to eat and prepare my own workout and I decide not to go and see that girl at the gym. One day after Jim came to me and said that the girl was looking for me yesterday and she was so disappointed not to meet me there. Then Jim asked me “You didn’t recognize that girl?” and I said no, he said “She is Alicia Silverstone, don’t you know her she is one of the hottest actress in Hollywood like in Clueless, the movie?”. Well… I thought she was just another girl there… and the next year she played Batgirl in the movie Batman and Robin. Poor me, I would have cool to tell story how Alicia Silverstone buy me lunch in Venice, but now I tell this my lost opportunity version.

RM: Laziness has it’s effects at times. Thank you, k.P. I had a feeling that you were one of the people who would be perfect to ask this question10387004_10201082079374011_120941565628538093_o.

RM: Ok, it is time for the round-up. Thank you for taking time the time to make this interview – best of luck in the future of the development of your projects KP. If you want to thank anyone or add something, please feel free to do so.

KP: I want to thank my incredible team who help me in any possible ways to make better event or magazine or whatever! They support me so much and without them I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

RM: Thank you K.p. for making this interview on Beyond the Stage. We would also like to thank you for the dedication and energy you are putting into the industry.

Rising Muscle wishes you all the best in future and especially with Nordic pro & Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships in 2015.



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