Breon Ansley Goes for His Second Title at This Year’s Olympia

Breon Ansley

Breon Ansley born in California, 38 years old, winner of last year’s Classic Physique Olympia goes for his first title defence in Las Vegas in September.

The 38-year-old has been working with Chris Cormier at Gold’s gym California in the later years.  A combination which led Ansley to take the Olympia title from the Danny Hester in 2017.

The man who took the second spot after Ansley last year was 23-year-old Chris Bumstead from Canada.

After placing second last year, Bumstead decided to take a whole year off just to focus on this upcoming Olympia. The Canadian has been working on his symmetry and especially his back to improve this year’s package.

If that is enough to take the title from Mr. Symmetry from Cali, the fans and industry will know between 13-16 September in Las Vegas Nevada at the Orleans arena.

One thing is for certain. This upcoming Olympia has at least as much battle potential as last year’s.

Newly released Instagram pictures of Ansley and Bumstead -6 weeks out from the Olympia.

Breon Ansley

Chris Bumstead

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