Chris Bumstead’s Hunt for the Olympia Title!

Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead

There have been a few good battles over the years at the Olympia. Mainly in the open division between champions like Jay Cutler – Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

However, as soon as the new division Classic Physique entered the doors to the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, competition began to arise.

The first winner of the Classic Physique Olympia was 47 year old California resident Danny Hester.

Hester presented a good symmetrical package with aesthetic lines.  He was very hard to beat, In addition, that year’s the competition was not so strong compared to what the open division has presented over the years.

However, last year during the Olympia a new king was crowned, namely Breon Ansley who came out with a front double biceps out of this world and really rocked the stage and the audience. Right behind him was one of the fan favorites from Canada Chris Bumstead who also presented a great physique but with a weaker back to be symmetrical at the highest level.

After Bumstead’s second place he has taken a whole year of competing. Just to eat and train with a main focus on working through his weaknesses to come back stronger and better than ever.

The question on a lot of people’s mind is of course if he will make it or break it this year.

Bumstead is still in his early 20’s and even if he has a really good physique and belongs to the top 5 in the world in will be difficult to move the current champion Breon Ansley,

Don’t get it wrong, Bumstead is coming, but he needs a little more time to hit his peak and build a better back,

In the end this year’s Olympia title in Classic Physique will still be won by Breon Ansley due to symmetry.




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