Classic Bodybuilding: Calle Bolund

Calle Bolund IIiii


Calle Bolund IIii Classic Bodybuilding: Calle Bolund

City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Age: 24, Born -93
Occupation: Student (teacher)
Marital status: Girlfriend
Height: 178 cm 5’10
Division: Classic Bodybuilding
Years in training: “Gymtraining” since 2010 ish
Weight on / off 82.5 kg 180lbs / 90 kg ish… 200lbs
Favorite cheat meal: Icecream and burgers!

Contest background: 13 competitions and one guestposing.

Tammerpokalen CBB/BB 3rd (Bronze) -12
Swedish Nationals Qualification BB Open 2nd -13
Swedish Nationals BB Open 4th -13 (JR)

Swedish Nationals CBB Open 1st (Gold) -14 (JR)
World Championship CBB Open 6th -14 (JR)
Tyngre Classic I CBB -180 4th -15

Calle Bolund III Classic Bodybuilding: Calle BolundEuropean Championship CBB Open Runner Up (Silver) -15 (JR)
Battle Of Scandinavia CBB -180 1st (Gold) & Overall -16
Sweden Grand Prix CBB -180 5th -16
European Championship CBB Open 8th (No Final) -17 (JR)
Arnold Classic CBB -180 ×× (No Final) -17
Swedish Nationals CBB -180 Runner Up (Silver) -17
Nordic Championship CBB -180 Runner Up (Silver) -17

RM: Calle Bolund, would you like to tell us a bit about your background and what made you want to become a bodybuilder?

CB: I always been active and always looked athletic. I played Ice Hockey a long time and played for one of eight Junior Elite Teams in Sweden as a Goalie. But at same year as I became 17 years old I injured my knee bad! I started to work out in the gym as rehab and when the knee was good enough to play I’d already lost my position in the team. And my muscles was growing fast, people started to see me, they liked what I did, told me I got big arms and so on. I started to lile the gym, ended the hockey as a 19 year old, put more time in school and studies. But I wanted to compete in something and many big guys told me I should try bodybuilding. Why not? And here I am today.

RM: You have competed quite successfully over the years. What are your future goals as a competitor?

Calle Bolund IV Classic Bodybuilding: Calle Bolund

CB: I want that GOLD MEDAL as a senior in the Swedish Nationals. I allso want an overall win and price for the best poser. Then I want to place top 3 at Europeans and top 5 at the World Championships.

RM: Who are your favorite bodybuilders?

CB: Theres a lot of physiques i like. Chris Bum have the optimal new era and golden days physique. In Sweden i think Andreas Fotiadis got the perfect physique (european overall champ 2015) and he posing like a greek god.

RM: What does an ordinary day in Calle’s life look like?

CB: No day is the other likewise. I got my girl in Stockholm, I studying at the University of Sundsvall where I also got my apartment, car, bike, dog and family and business. I have 3.5 year left to do at the school and I working on the gym as a Personal Trainer, Masseur and Nutritian. probably ill move to Stockholm next year.

I wake up everyday at 7, walk with my dog, eating and answer the mail. Then I work or study. Around 4-5 pm I do my work out. Every weekend I eat, foodprep and going on road trips with friends and my girl.

RM: Calle, if you could change anything in the bodybuilding industry, what would that be?

CB: More tests for anabolic steroids/controls! And more positivity in media/news.

C Bolund 1 Classic Bodybuilding: Calle BolundRM: What does your weekly training schedule look like?

CB: Based on Y3T (Neil “Yoda” Hill) with help by my coach A. Lundgren – I work out 5-6 days a week. Most focus on the upper torso. No legs at all! The back has to grow much!

RM: When will we see you compete again?

CB: Tyngre Classic and Swedish Nationals Autumn of 2018 or 2019!

RM: Ok Calle, time for the round up, if there is anything you want to add or someone you want to thank please go ahead

-My parents and my Girlfriend Julia
-Coach Anders Lundgren
-Team Tyngre
-Sponsors: Nocco, Gavelo, Add Icecream, More Stockholm, V fit Sweden.

Social media:

@CalleBolund Instagram

Photo credits:

1st Anna Clara Eriksson
2nd – 3rd Private
4th Perra Axelsson

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