Exclusive Interview with Danny Manslaughter!

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Risin994664_246488628840751_1043763892_ng Muscle recently got in hold of one of the living street legends from Bakersfield, California. It was not the easiest thing to get in contact of a this man with so much mystery and secrecy around him, but here it finally is, the exclusive interview with Danny Manslaughter!

Country: USA
State: CA
City: Bakersfield
Occupation: Denim Demon/ God-Builder
Height: Fucking Huge
Weight: on / off: Fucking Huge

RM: DM would you like to tell us about your first experience with weight training and bodybuilding?

DM: My first experience with bodybuilding was seeing that old music video of Glen Danzig singing ‘Mother’—At the time I was pretty young and my brother was 10 years older than me… This was the time when MTV still played music—At that age I wanted to be huge and evil as well. Later when I was 15 I read ‘The Iron’ By: Henry Rollins and that is what really inspired me to lift weights. I wanted to be jacked like my punk rock heroes: Glenn Danzig, Doyle, and Henry Rollins.

11207282_1121449504537955_7681621882231076503_nRM: What are the greatest misconceptions about the culture of bodybuilding according to you?

DM: Well, the first that comes to my head is that it is ‘ALL DRUGS!’. Of course drugs play their important role but people underplay that absolute OCD personality that it takes to be really good at this game we play. I think that most people would agree, even the common person that bodybuilding does require much ‘discipline’, and that’s a word that I do hear people throw around a lot describing this subculture. I never really thought about it much until recently—But certainly that is the most important quality to have.

RM: Do you have any interesting or special stories that you would like to share with us that happened during your years of gym training?

DM: So many it’s hard to begin. I’m documenting many of them in a series entitled ‘The Gymnasium” which will also become a book in the future. I’ve encountered many characters over the years—different ‘gym rats’ if you will… Even at the gym I train at now there’s some interesting characters. There’s this one guy named Carlito—who wears these ridiculously short-shorts, everyone assumes he’s gay but apparently he’s not. He carries around a gym bag and in it there is an action figure of a Lucha Libre wrestler—before his sets he prays to the action figure and then shouts ‘HARD WORK! STRENGTH AND HEALTH!’ in broken English. It’s really hard not to like the guy.

We spend so much time in the gym as bodybuilders, a lot of our friendships or even relationships are forged there. Quite recently I met the love of my life at the gym—Our eyes met and it’s been a fairy tale romance ever since.1403171_246485092174438_1095130381_o

RM: If you could work with any guru you wanted to, who would that be?

The number one guru’s as far as I’m concerned—That’s Vince Gironda. I’m amazed to see that even today his theories and practices are presented in muscle magazines as ‘BREAKTHROUGH NEW RESEARCH!’—I think he was just very instinctive with things. Recently I saw someone posting about how Meadows advocates separating food and fluid intake for optimal digestion. That’s straight from Gironda, something he wrote about in the 1960’s.

RM: Where do you see bodybuilding progress in 30 years from now?

DM: It’s hard to say really. I think bodybuilding has somewhat regressed recently and I believe the 90’s were the greatest era in bodybuilding history. You just don’t see the crisp conditioning and crazy genetics these days like there was in that era. In the 90’s it looks like the guys were born to train, eat and juice up and get huge. Now it seems that is attracting a different genetic element maybe… While the guys today are certainly impressive—I’d put somehow like Tom Prince right after he got his pro-card (with his impe1779874_349637345215809_4437990846223073861_nccable structure, mass and conditioning) to really just obliterate most of the top 10 Olympians currently.

RM: Give us three successful key words to use for a possible better life:


  • Support
  • Discipline
  • Loyalty

RM: What are the future goals for Danny Manslaughter?

DM: I actually intend to go for my pro-card this year—I’m a pretty damn good bodybuilder, I’ve just been sidetracked recently by other endeavors and bad misfortune. At the very least you will see me step on stage this year. I also intend to pimp out the Manslaughter clothing line, write more and hopefully obtain a position where I can help more people out. That’s what drives me the most as I just want to be success to help the people I care about and love and other fellow underdogs.1468739_210762645769947_1142910447_n

RM:  It’s time for the wrap up, please feel free to add something or thank someone if you like to:

DM: Check out my channel on youtube—Just google ‘Danny Manslaughter’ Also feel free to add me on FB as a friend @ daniel.church (if you aren’t a stalker that wants to wear my skin as a flesh tuxedo). Thanks Anders for the interview—Us Vikings have to stay together.. Also contact me at [email protected] if interest in purchasing Manslaughter apparel. BOOM!

RM: Danny thank you for participating in this interview. It has been a pleasure to talk to you and we are looking forward to see how your legacy will develop into the future!


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