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The next athlete we are about to meet in the Global Profiles series is really a unique person.  A few years ago, after winning many wgggell respected bodybuilding titles in India, he decided that he wanted to take his bodybuilding career further. This meant that he had to make a big decision in his life, a choice which led him to pack all of his belongings and leave his family and friends in India, and move all the way to US, to pursue his big dream, to one day become Mr. Olympia!

The time has come to welcome our next athlete, Mr. Amit Roy!

Country: India & USA
City: Guttenberg
Occupation: Personal trainer & bodybuilding
Age: 29 years
Height: 5’5  / 168 cm
Weight: On / off: 170 lbs/ 196 lbs 77 kg / 89 kg

Contest background: I have won many prestigious contest in India and I have also the Long Island championship and Atlantic States championship in 2014 here in New York.

RM: Amit, would you like to tell us a bit more about your background and the decision to more from India to USA?

AR: I am born and raised in Delhi India, and I came from a non sporting family. I was a very small and frail kid growing up and many used to tease me as I was a very shy person by nature. I saw a Terminator movie with my family and I remember everyone praising the Character of the movie how big he was and strong and I think this was the first spark of interest that I want to be a strong person like the Terminator. I then started researching into the sport and decided to join a Desi gym which was a wrestling gym back then in India. That was the basic gym but I utilized it pic11and started my journey to learning everything about bodybuilding and my goal was to be Mr. Olympia one day. I eventually moved to Bombay got more exposure to bodybuilding, but decided that the US would bring me closer to my goals of one day being Mr. Olympia.

RM: From what I’ve known bodybuilding is getting pretty big in India, correct?

AR: Yes, the sport has grown popularity, and more people have gotten interested in this sport as they see it is very popular.

RM: What does bodybuilding mean to you?

AR: Bodybuilding has given me the confidence I never had as a shy child. I think the interest I had been the best leap of faith for me because it help me develop skills, and discipline and confidence in myself that I can do anything if I set my mind and body to do.

RM: Being a bodybuilding competitor and especially living abroad can be costly. Do you have any sponsors who supports you?

AR: As far as sponsorship I haven’t attained this yet, I am striving for this goal, because as you know it’s an expensive sport to pursue so any little help would be appreciated when you’re a bodybuilder. I am hoping to get a sponsorship soon as I am pursuing my goal of becoming Mr Olympia.

RM: You are currently prepping for your next show, when and where will that be? 10441055_10203767877694483_5539904434976097870_n

AR: Yes, I am currently prepping for the Eastern USA Championship, which is the biggest amateur competition in NYC. This is set to take place October 31, 2015.

RM: What improvements have you been working on since the last time you competed?

AR: I have improved on my body, specifically on my Hamstrings, Glutes, my Lower Lats, Shoulder and Arms. I have worked up to getting my weight up from my last competition to be heavier and better condition then the last year.

RM: What do you miss the most while living abroad?

AR: I mainly miss my mom and daughter who are still in India.

RM: Ok Amit, time for the wrap up. If there is anything you want to add or someone you want to mention please go ahead!

AR: I would like to thank a special mentor of mine and coach who believed in me from the US when I was living in India, as we corresponded back and forth through Facebook , Mr. Justin Miller. He has help me achieve my goals further and given me expert advice thru my journey here in the US. I definitely have grown wiser in line with the guidance he has provided  me with,  to learn this sport better and to achieve my goals. I also would like to thank Mr. Sanjay More the General Secretary Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Executive Member of IFBB and President Maharashtra Bodybuilder Association, He gave me the opportunity to compete and represent India in International arenas.

RM: Amit, thank you for sharing your amazing story and your goals for the future. Best of luck in your next show, and hopefully we can do a follow-up interview to see how your competitive career unfolds.

/ Rising Muscle

Contact info:

Facebook: mramit.roy.9
Instagram: roybodybuilder
Email: [email protected]


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