This time on Rising Muscle & Global Profile we are meeting a bikini athlete from Slovakia. She has competed successfully these two last years. In addition as many others in the fitness athletes she is aiming to set her mark on the professional stages in the forthcoming but first she has to claim the IFBB Pro card. So, Sabina-1let’s welcome Bikini fitness competitor Sabína Pleváková

Country: Slovakia
Height:  5’2 ft / 160 cm
Division: Bikini
Occupation: Personal trainer

3rd place World junior Championship 2013 – Hungary, Budapest
1st place European junior Championship 2013, 2014 – Spain, Santa Susanna
1st place European women Championship 2014 – Spain, Santa Susanna
1st place World junior championship 2013 – Mongolia, Ulambathar
1st place World women championship 2013 – Ukraine, Kyjev
1st place Olympia amateur 2013, 2014 – Czech republic, Prague
2nd place Fitness House 2013 – Russia, St. Petersburg

 10168111_531256210316626_257960820019928335_nRM: Sabina, what is the best thing about weight training?

SP: The best thing about weight training is less reps and higher weights. Repression of yourself and motivation from achievement which You reached. If You do everything for 100% You think directly after season and after each training just about next competition which is waiting for You.

RM: What’s your favorite exercises additionally the one you dislikes?

SP: My favorite exercise are squats for sure. I like to squat from the beginning. I always liked to train my legs. Paradoxically I really dislike to do front squats.

RM: What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday/Saturday night?

SP: What I really like to do Friday and Saturday night? My life is conform to fitness and often I don’t even know its Friday or weekend. I am all the time in gym. But if I have some free time I really like to go to dance or to watch some nice movie to cinema.1507727_627726327336280_156147858481118311_n


RM:  If we would open your fridge right now – what would we find?

SP: Chicken breasts,salmon,eggs,peanut butter,vegetables,milk,curd cheese, a lot of curd cheese

RM: When are you planning to compete again?

SP: I would like to compete in spring 2015 and I would love to enter Arnold classic in Columbus.

RM: It’s time for the round up – if there is anything you want to mention or someone you might want to thank – please feel free to do so.

SP: I want to thank to my sponsor Extrifit-suplement company, studio- The Bikini box- from where I have the most beautiful bikini, TT Pharma company and to Nebbia for perfect sport clothes.


Thank you for the interview Sabina. Good luck next year at the Arnold Classics Bikini Amateur. We are looking forward to catch up with you later on to see how everything went for you. Rising Muscle would also like to thank Honza Kavalír for getting us together to make this interview.


To contact Sabina:

Facebook: Sabina Plevakova
Photo Credits: Attila viszlay




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