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This time on Global Profiles we are about meet a very well-known athlete and model both inside the fitness industry and the social media around it. Thereby it’s time forlomba 2 us to welcome the driven and passionate fitness athlete and model Victoria Lomba for an interview with Rising Muscle.

Global Profile: Victoria Lomba
Country: Spain and USA
City: Madrid / Miami – South Beach
Occupation: Personal Trainer & Fitness Model

RM: Victoria, When did you first decide to start with gym training and why?

VL: My beginning in fitness, started when I began my traveling to Los Angeles. When I was in Santa Monica I saw model and fitness opportunities for myself and then I started to do some modeling and began to train hard and dedicated to reach my ideal physique – I changed my diet as well! This is about 10 years ago.

RM: Do you have any specific goals in the fitness career ahead of you?

VL: I am a cover model for Motufashion Sexy Clothes Online, we are working hard, and are trying to get in the Latin market and that’s my job, Latin women are curvy women like me and like all wear my clothes, my bikinis, and my Fitness clothing line.

My short-term goals is to travel soon to Miami, do a good job for our catalog swimwear and return home with a good product, long-term I would like to find an opportunity to work in America for a long stay!

RM: From what I’veDSC_0069 heard you have Brazilian roots but are living and have been brought up in Spain, so got to ask you: how good is your samba in a scale from 0-10?

VL: (5) The truth I’m not a good dancer! I’m sorry, I love Hip-Hop more Lol

RM: Who has been The most influential person in your life?

VL: My grandparents were the people who took care of my education! I have always looked for people who can contribute with positive thoughts and inspiration. It doesn’t have to be famous people who only inspire me – every person has something to give in one way or another!_MG_0223

RM: What is your favorite cheat meal?

VL: Definitely Italian food with spicy tomato, and I like the spicy Mexican food also. very much.

RM: What does your weekly training program look like?

VL: I train hard every day of the week without rest, train morning and in the afternoons I do 30 minutes of cardio. I try to train without guidelines in general. My diet is very disciplined without starving though – I  stay away from bad fatty foods!

RM: Ok, Victoria, it’s time to wrap up this interview – please feel free to add anything else or if you want to give a shout out

VL: This fitness modelling bus_MG_0638ness can be a though one.  There are great girls with stunning bodies, but they never reach a sponsor and get a big contract. The world of fitness is a minority world, only a few girls out there get the magazine covers. I would love to see a change where we could see more women on the covers and who can make a bit more money for them compared with what we are seeing today.

Xo! VL

Thank you for taking time to do this interview with Rising Muscle. We would also like to wish you the best with your plans for the future regarding your fitness projects.

/ Team Rising Muscle

Contact Lomba:

[email protected]



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