How to Build Chest Muscles – The Right Way!

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If you are looking for some good tips on how to build chest muscles and have a hard time putting it into practice, then this article is for you. This is the article that will tell you how to get a bigger chest…and the rest of your upper body. Muscles do nothing without a good diet and proper exercises. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get a bigger chest, but first, let’s go over what constitutes a chest-muscle.

how to build chest muscles

The muscle fibers in the chest consist mainly of plates (also known as the lats), chest, and triceps. Your pecs are actually pretty small muscles; however, your big pecs (also known as the pectoralis major) are the most powerful muscles in the chest. Your pecs are attached to your shoulder bones by the pectoralis major. You see, the major muscle group at the front of your chest (the incline press) utilizes your deltoids to keep the bench press position, while the other upper body muscles (backs and shoulders) use your triceps to lift the weight. So, if you want to start looking chest like a bodybuilder, you need to focus on building big pecs.

There are two important exercises to work the upper chest, incline press, and flat bench press. You need to use a full range of motion and focus on a constant tension (tension that doesn’t go past parallel). The incline press is the primary exercise to target the upper chest (since it is used quite often). As such, it is also the hardest to perform. For beginners, it is recommended to start out doing 50 reps of either incline or flat presses; however, the goal is to get a good amount of repetitions done, with a low to moderate number of sets (if any at all) for each exercise.

On the other hand, the flat bench press is the best way how to build chest muscles and get a full pec shaping movement going. You should try to get the same range of motion as the incline press, but you shouldn’t worry about keeping the barbell straight! It is better to have a little bit of an incline in your stance than to have a lot of a flat spot. The idea is to keep your feet shoulder width apart, grab the bar with a slight bend in your elbows, and just let the machine do the work!

Also, make sure your grip is spot on the pec muscles. This is very important in how to build chest muscles, and there isn’t an easier way to spot the proper position! To build big pecs, just grab the bar and bring it down to just above chest level. Then just pinch your pec muscles together and hold for a second before going back up, and do this over again! Try to get a couple reps done before switching to a dumbbells/barbell.

Finally, there are a couple more exercises that will really blast the heck out of your chest, if you are doing them the right way. The flat and incline flyes are two exercises that will really make an impression on your pecs. Flyes are where you just raise the bar with either your hands or legs and bring it back down again, making explosive gliding movements. These work the front and side deltoids, and the triceps.

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