IFBB Men’s Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede

Martin Heede IFBB Elite Pro 2017

City: OSLOMartin Heede IFBB Elite Pro 1 IFBB Men's Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede
Age: 26
Occupation: Plumber, Fitness Athlete and model
Marital status: Single
Height:  174m – 5´8ft off-season and on season 172-173cm – 5’7ft
Division: Mens Physique
Years in training: Training 24 years, Martial arts 15 years, Cheerleading 5 years, Fitness 3.5 years
Weight on / off:  Off season 83 kg – 183lbs. On season 78-79 – 170lbs
Favorite cheat meal: Hamburger and Cinnabons

Contest background:

Karate:  8 times National Champion.
5 Times European Wado Champion.
National Champion in Cheerleading, and European Medals.
National Champion in Mens Fitness.
European Champion in Mens Physique.
Now an IFBB elite PRO and aiming high.
Natural and drug free athlete.

DSC04658 IFBB Men's Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede

RM: Martin Heede, congratulations to your success in Finland, you can now call yourself an IFBB Elite Pro, and you actually also finished at the second spot at your Pro debut, what a weekend.

Martin, what do you attribute your success to when it comes to men’s physique?

MH: First of all I belive in Hard work and to set a goal for yourself. I did that from day 1.  And have continued to set new and bigger goals as my journey have gone better and better.   I belive my understanding of how a physique body and how to present it on stage have got me this far in such a short time. That, combine with hard work, passion, genetics and timing have made me successful.


445 DSC06007Martin 1 IFBB Men's Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede

RM: What got you started with weight training in first place?

MH: At the time I started weight training, I was on the national team in cheerleading. I love that sport and did´nt really care about weight lifting.  But, because of my gymnastic skills, The president of the Norwegian bodybuilding federation asked me if I wanted to compete at the World fitness Championship. That was in November, and I had 3 months on me. If i became good enough i could compete.

I started training with weights 6 times a week, and started on a diet, like I had never done before. My body changed so fast and this happened fast. Off everyone started claiming me of doing anabolic steroids right away, but imagine to be well-built , but you have never trained with weights, and you eat properly. OFC my body changed.  So, Everything went well. I ended up placing 6th place in that World championship and my Journey had begun.

Gym shark IFBB Men's Physique Elite Pro: Martin HeedeRM: Do you have any great gym stories to share with us, like something crazy that happened during your years in training?

MH: A lot of things have happened during my 3 years, but some thing I can remember is when me and a friend was the only one working out at muscle beach in Los angeles. And it was like 60 + people watching us train, and minimum 20 people in a line to take photos of us. That was insane, because we have watched Arnold, and the big guys train there, and didn’t think that people was gonna watch us train, but that was and amazing experience.

And another time in Oslo, when an undercover cop followed me after the gym, and was interrogating me for 30 min after, because he said my pump was to extreme, and that i obviously was on roids. Haha, and that he knew what I took, how much I used and everything. So stupid.  Once again. I have never used anything illegal, and I will never try.

RM: What advises would you give young guys who wants to add a few pounds in the gym?

MH: My best advice is to: Drink enough water, train smart, but hard. Track your food, and if you wanna bulk, do a lean bulk. Rest when you need to, remember that you grow when you rest. And train harder than everyone else, but once again. Train smart! =)

RM: What does an ordinary day in Martin’s life look like?Nordic Pro IFBB Men's Physique Elite Pro: Martin Heede

MH: oh.  Right now, it’s a lot of things going on. I work as a plumber 7.5 hours a day. I am stuck in traffic 2 hours a day minimum. Train maybe 1.5 hours. Cardio 45 min.  And between all of this, i eat, eat and eat. Try to be social. Work with clients, and sponsors, and other things. sleep like 5 hours haha.

RM: Now when you are a pro, what are your next goals as a competitor?

MH: My next goal is Milano Pro in 5 weeks. and then a little break

RM: Time to finnish up this interview so thank you for participating and best of luck in Milano! If there is anything you want to add or someone you want to thank, please feel free to do so:

MH:  Just Give everything you have in everything you do. Set goals for yourself, find someone with The same passion and work together push each other.

– Be smart, make good decisions, be social and stay humble.
– I wanna thank my sponsor for supporting me.
– Gymshark, gymgrossisten, makroboks, njie.
– And my team. Haralds gym. And my gym partners

To reach Martin: @heede

Photo credits: Fotobakken, Gym shark


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