Interview: IFBB Bikini Pro: Dr Harriet Neely Davis!

IFBB Bikini Pro: Dr Harriet Neely Davis!

Rising Muscle’s next pro athlete has quite a full working schedule to follow during her weeks. However, that has not stopped her from training hard and and compete on a high level as a IFBB Pro bikini athlete. I addition to her competitive history, she has won a pro show and is now aiming to step on stage at Ms. Bikini Olympia to challenge the best of the best in a close future.


So let’s welcome IFBB Bikini Pro: Dr Harriet Neely Davis for an interview!

Country: US
State: North Carolina
City:  Charlotte
Age: 44
Height:  5’2″ / 157 cm

2016 IFBB Professional Bikini Competition History:
IFBB Legends Classic Pro Bikini Jan. 30, 2016– Las Vegas, NV Open Bikini: 6th place
2015 IFBB Professional Bikini Competition History:
MuscleContest IFBB Legends Pro Bikini Classic: January 31–Las Vegas, NV.
Open Bikini: 6th Place
Masters Bikini: 1st Place
IFBB Pro Bikini Championships (open and Masters over 40): March 14th–Culver City, California.
Open Bikini: 11th Place
Masters Bikini: 2nd place
IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini Championships (open and Masters over 35): May 30th–Sacramento, California.
Open Bikini: 16th place
Masters Bikini: 8th place
IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Bikini Championships (open): June 19-20–New Orleans, Louisiana. 15th place
IFBB Patriots Challenge Bikini Pro Championships (open and masters bikini 40+): July 4th –Las Vegas, NV.
Open Bikini: 11th place

Masters Bikini: 2nd place

IFBB IronGames Pro Bikini Championships (open and Masters over 40): November 14–Culver City, California.
Open bikini: 13th place Masters bikini: 2st place


2014 IFBB Professional Bikini Competition History:
August 28, 2014: IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Masters Bikini 35+: 11th Place
November 8, 2014: Iron Games Bikini Pro Championships. (Culver City, CA)
Masters 40+: 5th Place
Open: 14th Place

RM: Harriet, take us back in time; what made you want to become a bikini competitor?

HD: I have always been very active and physically fit. I have been an avid {long distance} runner since high school. However, after celebrating my 40th birthday, I decided I wanted to get stronger and so I started strength training. Because I am a very goal oriented person, strength training led me to explore bodybuilding and competitions. So shortly after I started strength training, I hired a competition prep coach and competed in my first NPC Competiton 5 months later.

RM: What is the best thing competing on stage?

HD: There are so many life lessons gained through any competition. The best thing about competing is meeting new people, reconnecting with friends, and having fun!

RM: I know you are a vegan, when did you decide to make this choice and what were the reasons behind it? In addition, what does your diet consist of compared to a non veggie one?

HD: I’ve been vegan for many years (2009) and I was vegetarian prior to that (1989-2009). I was just born to be vegan! I’m compassionate about animals, I never liked eating an animal-based diet (just made me feel bad physically and adversely affected my digestive system). So when people ask me what I eat, I tell them basically the same diet as a cow (grains, veggies, beans, fruits, nuts/seeds). And I supplement with plant-based protein powder.

RM: What makes a great pro bikini competitor in your opinion?image3

HD: A great professional {athlete, person, bikini competitor} is someone who is humble, disciplined,  receptive to constructive feedback, and respectful to others.

RM: What does an ordinary day look like in Harriet’s life?

HD: 5:15 am wake up for morning cardio session

6am am: wake up son for school, prepare breakfast, etc.

6:45 am out the door (drop off son at school and head to work)

7:00-7:25 am prepare for patient care

7:30 am-3:30 pm: take care of patients in the office

4pm-4:30 pm: at home (preparing food for son)

5pm-6:30 pm: gym (weight training)

7-8:30 pm: review son’s HW, etc.

8:30 pm: evening cardio session

10 pm bed (if all goes as planned)

This is currently my ordinary day because my husband has been mobilized with the US Army and will be away for 10 months.

RM: When will we see you hit the stages again?

HD: My next show is in June.

RM: Ok, time for the round up, if there is anything you want to add or maybe someone you want to give a shout out, please go ahead:

HD:  I can’t say thank you enough to my family and friends for supporting me as I pursue my dreams. And to my amazing coach and mentor Mr. Kim Oddo, founder of Body by O.  I am thankful for his commitment to each of his athletes and for his guidance and for his wealth of knowledge in training and {plant-based} nutrition!

RM: Harriet, thank you for making this interview possible. We wish you the best of luck at your next show in June, and have a great summer!

Facebook: Harriet-Davis-IFBB-Bikini-Pro
Instagram: @diva1098
Twitter: @veganbikinidoc

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