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Mr. Olympia Results Day 1

The first day Mr. Olympia and the additional pro shows have been completed.

2018 might go to the history as one of the more significant ones.

Additionally, the reigning champion goes for his 8th consecutive title. If he succeeds he will be tied with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman.

Another part that sticks out for this year is that Flex Lewis who has won the 212-Olympia 6 times in a row before he moves to the Open division in 2019. In addition to the 212-class, this year is also Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond’s last Olympia competition.

Also new for this year is that the prize amount for the weekend has been raised to an all-time high of  $1.36 million.

Lastly, the audience will be able to vote for their Mr. Olympia this year. It will not change the end result, but their winner will be achieved by the ‘people’s champion award’.

Below you can read all the scorecards with the additional placings.

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