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RM Interviews NORDIC PROFILE: Antonia Pesevski.8

Age: 23 (6 April 1991)

Division: Bodyfitness / Figure

Country: Sweden

City: Malmö (born, moved to Stockholm summer -14)

Height: 158 cm

Occupation: Service Manager, Graduate Economist and Nutritionist.

Contest background: 

1-163 Decembercupen-13
1-158 Luciapokalen-13
3- Sweden Grand Prix -14
2- European Championship Spain -14
1-SM Junior -14
2 -SM kval senior opening class -14
4- World Championship Junior -14

RM: Antonia, you have been competing for a while. Do you have any specific goals in your career?

AP: Yes, since nov-13 I have done 6 contests both national and international. This is something that I love to do, my passion – so my goal now is to continue to grow, develop my physique and gradually with time compete on higher levels when I’m ready. When I compete I must feel that I have a good chance and that I can stand the competition. It takes time and you have to have patience with developing in this sport but in long – term – I aim high- I aim for the stars wanting to succeed in this because it’s my dream. Someday a pro card – you have to dream & believe to achieve!

RM: Which competition was the most important for you and why?

AP: Every competition has meant something for me and has been special in one way or another. I think my two first that I also won gave me a good start – It made me go for European championship and gave me the belief in myself that this is my thing and I seem to do it pretty goounnamed (4)d. My first competition was also the day I had “the moment” on the stage – a moment of self-realization- I was so happy that I almost started to cry at stage just getting all emotional because it just hit me – I had found something that I did only for me myself and I- that made me happy, Beside training I had found my passion and almost “purpose” in life. just a magic day and moment.   Of course World Championship also was a big thing and a good way to end my year as a Junior. But every contest is important and magic in some way or another, I take them all seriously , everyone has a purpose and it’s always all in.

RM: How would you describe your training style?

AP: I am always thinking about developing myself – to do that you have to push the limits and get out of your comfort zone – I vary my workout routine so I or my body doesn’t get comfortable – sometimes big adjustments like whole sessions – sometimes an exercise or just set and reps – My goal is always to go from the gym tired in the muscle group I have worked out. But variation would describe it and very planned and goal oriented. Sometimes I do high reps sometimes low reps. But being so much on diet it has not been that much really low reps – it’s about training smart and it’s so much easier to get injured if you go heavy especially on diet. You have to feel your way in the gym at every session and go from today’s shape, preconditions, how you feel etc. And As a competitor I always have to think about what I should train after what the bodyfitness – “frame” is like- it’s not always about training the things you find most fun but the things you lack of if you want to be on stage and be on top. But generally I like my sessions to be intense and maximum 1 hour- chasing that pump and contact always! So I would describe it – variation, goal oriented after my body fitness dreams, intense, pump, going outside comfort zone to really push the muscle and development.

RM: If you could change anything in the fitness culture – what would that be?unnamed (2)

AP: There is a lot of things in fitness that we don’t talk much about. first that the competition shape is not a lifestyle and it takes a lot of strength to keep it up. It’s important to find a balance there and sometimes go offseason for your health manly but also if you want to develop in the business. To this add eating habits – many develop eating disorders and train insanely much. There are a lot of things that are in the dark that people do to keep in shape and stay on top and this are just examples of the backside of the fitness culture that new people or normal people think is just healthy and look up to and strive for – And I think it’s important that the people in the industry act as good role models here and bring problems up for discussion or for example – show how they look when they not compete – and actually bring a healthy strong body to the picture, and a balanced lifestyle and not just fitness as a pre-contest diet lifestyle. I would also add more knowledge ! or hope that people wanted to learn more for themselves – I really believe that knowledge is power and even if you get help – you have to know thing yourself! There is not much that is just black or white and it depends on situation – like training style and diet for different people – today with the fitness trend many newbie’s have no knowledge, just hiring some coach and swallow everything that they or anyone ales are saying without reflecting themselves over things. As I said – fitness is just not healthy and if you don’t have the right knowledge or taking advice from other , that is not always the best idea and it can be devastating for you well being , physique or competition plans. You can never learn to much yourself – power is knowledge!

RM: What physique do you prefer on a guy – men’s physique or bodybuilder type?

AP: I live with a bodyunnamed (3)builder so that must say something about my preferences ! But generally I think it’s so individual – there are good looking examples and bad looking in both categories! physically – both types can have a wow factor in my opinion.

RM: When are you going to compete again?

AP: When I feel ready and by that I mean with the physique – I must take the time to develop myself  Next year I’m senior for real and the competition will be different and probably harder. Especially if I want to compete internationally. Mentally I have to restrain myself now not to enter upcoming contests because I really love to compete – If I could I would probably already have a new planned! So I will see what It will be but I really like to do something next year around autumn.

RM: Where in life is Antonia in 10 years?

AP: If It goes as I dream today so – I will live my dream!! That is competing at pro-level. That would be the optimum self-realization for me as I see it today. But there are so many other things in life to- work and family – and I hope that I can get everything to work out in harmony so I get to do the things I love, be successful and enjoying this and just life, sometimes away from fitness also – with my love and family. Having a balanced life -offseason, on season, competitions, work, travelling, family, friends and so on!

RM: Time for the round up, if you want to something or thank anyone please feel free to do so:

A big thank you to my family, friends and boyfriend for every support and thing they do for me and especially – that they let me do what I love- because as you know – this is a lifestyle that will have impact on the people around you to. Next big thank you goes to the IFBB PRO Ahmad Ahmad – my coach, friend, and inspiration and a great person that has been around and helped me, and believed in me from the beginning. AA ELIT FITNESS GYM that is like a second home and the people there my second family. And also a Great thank you to my sponsors and cooperation’s – Better Bodies, Elit Nutrition, Böddi at Headorama and Alexandra from Glitzoglam – really for having faith in my, go for me and back me up. It just means so much and I really feel blessed after just less than a year have all this behind me and that it has gone this good! One year ago I could only dream about this and today I could not wish for anything else, living my passion having the best people behind me.


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