This time on Nordic Profile we are going to meet one of the top amateurs in the bikini division of Sweden.

With killer charisma and a great bikini structure it is time to welcome Nordic Profile Madelen Myhr for an interview with Rising Muscle.

Country: Sweden
City: Västerås
Age: 33
Occupation: Beauty salon owner
Height 165.5 cm

Contest background 2014:
Battle of Scandinavia 1st and overall.
Sweden Grand Prix 3:e place
European Championship in Santa Susanna Spain 3:e
Swedish Nationals 1:place and overall
World Games Canada 8:e Nordic championships Iceland 1:e


RM: Madelen would you like to tell us how you got involved in bikini fitness?

MM: A freind of mine actually asked me if I was intersten in competing in a Bikini Fitness competition.  Before I choose to compete  I’ve been weig10411355_10152478769401271_4543473448841033866_nht training since I was 21 years of age.

After my first competition one year ago, I was hooked and started taking weight training even more serious.

RM: What does your training schedule look like each week?

MM: Monday: Chest, biceps and front shoulder. Tuesday: Back, back leg, calves.  Wednesday: Cardio or intervalls. Thursday: Front and back legs. Friday: Lats and back shoulder. Saturday: Intervalls. Sunday: Rest or intervalls.

RM: What is next ahead for you in the fitness career?

MM: I am thinking about competing in the Swedish Grand Prix, the European Championship and Arnold Amateur.

RM: If you could change anything about the fitness culture what would it be?

MM: The perception of Bikini Fitness not being taken as a serious sport with real athtletes. I would love the focus to be on the athletic side and not so much on the beauty.

RM: What is the hardest part of being a competetive bikini athlete?

10620665_10152791730971271_6303377151824737177_nMM: Not knowing exactly what the judges in different countries are looking for. Sometimes they look for a softer body tone and sometimes a more athletic body tone.

RM: Time for a round up, if there is something you want to add or someone you want to:

MM: I am so happy to be part of Team Fairing this year and a big shout out to Carina Isaksson for bringing me in to the sport.

Thank you for doing this interview Madelen. We wish you good luck in the future of your career and a successful 2015.

To reach Madelen Myhr

MM Instagram: Fitnessmaddemyhr




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