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Rising Muscle’s next interview will take us to the Nordic countries once again. We are here to talk to one of the more genetically giftet and talented bodybuilders in Sweden today. front3

Thereby, Let’s welcome Mikael Hancic for an interview on Nordic Profiles.

Mikael Hancic
Age: 32
Country: Sweden
City: Jönköping
Occupation: Assistent at a rehabilition clinic (behandlingsassistent).
Height: 5`9 / 175 cm
Weight, on: 197lbs  / -90 kg  off: 209lbs / +95 kg

Contest background:

2007 – 1st place in BB -80kg, Lucia Trophy.

2009 – 5th place in BB -90kg, Swedish Championships

2012 – 1st place in BB -90kg, Swedish Championships

2012 – 3rd place in 303228_291359970884115_2094042853_nBB -90kg, Nordic Championships

2012 – 12th place in CBB, World Championships

2013 – 1st place in BB -90kg, Swedish Championships

2013 – 16th place in BB -90kg, Arnold Amateur Europe


RM:  Mikael, would you like to tell us how you got involved in the sport of bodybuilding?

MH: Well, I’ve always been a bit of a workout-addicted personality. In my younger years I only played football and then it was just football that was worth every penny. I never thought I would stop playing football, but then, unfortunately my injuries stoped me from playing when I was about 18 years old. I began to get very tired of repeated treatments before practice and games. You could say that I have football to thank for my progress in the gym. My rehabtraining in the gym turned into benchpress and everything else but rehab.:) However, I really didn´t have any competition plans with my training in the beginning, I just wanted to primarily be in great shape all year round! You could say that I am still suffering from a rather severe type of “having to be in great shape all the time”-syndrome! I guess I just wanted to try out bodybuilding cause I missed competing in something, never really thought it was for me. However, after winning my first ever contest, I was hooked!1914889_100933003260147_1265195_n

RM: What does the bodybuilding mean to you?

MH: Bodybuilding has given me the opportunity the meet a lot of wonderful people in the business. I have the sport to thank for my fantastic sponsors Swedish Fitness/Better Bodies & Gasp. They have given my a chance to travel around the world on several fitness events. However, I actually don’t see myself as a bodybuilder. I just love to train hard, be in great shape every day and compete every now and then.

RM: What are your future goals as a competitive bodybuilder?

MH: I really just want to develop my physique. I want to work on my weak points in the gym and just have fun doing it! I also want to compete in the US.

RM: How would you describe you training style?

MH: Well, the 483238_453694961317281_1951267416_ntraining style I use is more like “mass intention” workouts. I think it’s very important to train with full range of motion. I always try to isolate every muscle in the best possible way. I focus on a great technic in every exercise and always go to failure, however, that´s a “technic failure” and it’s a BIG difference. I always stop when I can’t do no more prober repetitions with a good technic.

RM: When will we see you back on stage again?

MH: Actually, at the moment, I am preparing myself for competing this spring. I have started my diet and I am really motivated and also very determined. I aim to compete both in Sweden and in the US.

RM: Where in life do you see yourself in 10 years?

MH: Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t think that far away. I’m just thankful for everything I have right now and what I’ve achieved this far.

1933474_183919644961482_1443662_o RM: Time for the round up, if you want to add anything or give a shoutout please do so:

MH: I want to thank my sponsors, Swedish Fitness- Better Bodies & GASP and NOCCO. 
Last but not the least my freind and coach Anders Lundgren &  Body Nutrition.

– Thank you Mikael for taking part in this interview. We really hope that you take care of your genetic gift and makes the best of it. Additionally we hope to see you entering the big stages one day –  but far most best of luck in your upcoming preperations for your contests during 2015.


Get in contact with Hancic:

Mail: [email protected]

Instagram: mickehancic

Facebook: Mikael Hancic



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