Ronnie Coleman – “My Latest Surgery Was a Success”

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman, 53 years of age – 8 time Mr. Olympia recently had another surgery to add to his resume. However, the latest one was a “huge success” in his own words.

Coleman is not called the greatest of all time by many for no reason. Nonetheless, there is often a price tag to pay for earning that title.

The former Mr. Olympia is also recognized as one of those bodybuilders who pushed the envelope the most when it comes to extreme work in the gym.

It is fair to say that not many athletes come close to what he achieved in his heyday, both inside the gym and on stage.

Coleman has additionally suffered many serious injuries in regards to his extreme work ethic. Nothing that he regrets though.  The former Mr. Olympia has had many back surgeries over the years, and at times, he has endured a lot of pain.

Nonetheless, Coleman is facing the situation like the person he is; seeing the bright sides of life and never giving up.

In fact, he still works out in the gym and it makes him feel good and positive on the road to recovery.

As they say “Once a bodybuilder, always a bodybuilder”



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