ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6) is a health supplement that was developed by Victor Conte and is commonly used in sports by athletes and bodybuilders for it’s recovery benefits.

It is an effective sleep aid and is recommended to be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Getting a deep and restful sleep is very important for good muscle recovery and for building mass, since it helps tissue repair and supports anabolic hormone production (growth hormone).

The purpose of using ZMA is mainly to increase strength and may enhance hormone production. A study was conducted by Dr. Lorrie Brilla at Western Washington University, where researchers monitored the effects of ZMA on 12 NCAA division football players which were to take the supplement nightly during an eight week long spring training program, while a separate group received placebo pills. The conclusion was that the players who took ZMA had a 2.5% times greater muscle gains and a 30% increase in testosterone levels, compared to the group who received the placebo pills that had a 10% increase.


vosstanovlenie THE BENEFITS OF ZMA!Zinc is a mineral essential to numerous chemical reactions in our bodies, which includes protein synthesis and cellular energy. It improves the immune system by stimulating the production of so called T-cells, white blood cells who help intercept viruses and bacteria in the body. It also helps with liver protection, prostate health of reproductive organs.

The suggested daily value of zinc is 15 milligrams. Uptake is optimal if taken within approximately 4 hours before or after a vitamin C supplement. Taking calcium at the same time inhibits the uptake.


This mineral is essential for normal heart function and transportation of neurochemicals essential for muscle function. Recommended daily value is 400mg for men and 310mg for women.

Take ZMA everyday, including non training days to get most benefits out of this supplement.



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