The IFBB Celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2016!

70th Anniversary in 2016!

The IFBB Celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2016!


Every person who is in any way part of the worldwide bodybuilding and fitness movement knows the names Joe and Ben Weider. Although they are no longer with us, the Weider brothers are 1dead1synonymous with the equipment, magazine and supplement empires they built. But more important to athletes, officials and enthusiasts in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness is the organization they created in 1946 in Montreal, Canada – the International Federation of Body Builders … the IFBB. Today, the IFBB is one of the world’s largest international amateur sport governing bodies. To fully understand and appreciate what the IFBB has accomplished in its 70-year history, we need look no further than its own published records.



Each year since 1970, the IFBB has held what it calls an “International Congress”. It is at these annual general meetings where IFBB National Affiliates from all over the world gather to celebrate the IFBB’s accomplishments and successes and where decisions are made that affect the future of the federation and the sport it governs. It is through the eyes of the IFBB International Congress reports and minutes that we truly come to know the IFBB and its rich history.


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