Watch the 2018 Mr. Olympia Press Conference


The Olympia weekend has opened its door. In addition, the official press conference has been held with some of the prominent athletes.

Mr. Olympia 2018 has the potential to go into the history books as one of the better. This year has many features which makes it more special compared to the last decade.

Phil Heath is going for his 8th Sandow and if he succeeds he will be tied with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman.

This year is also the last 212 Olympia for the reigning champ Flex Lewis before he moves up to the open division.

In contrast, let’s not forget all the qualified athletes for this year’s event. Many have been working extremely hard to match up with the best in the world.

In addition to the contests this weekend, the annual press conference was held last night. A press gathering where the athletes got interviewed and shared their mindset during the prep and views about the show. Last but not least, the conference also offered some trash talk between the contestants.

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