Yvette Aimee Brown is one of Australia’s newest IFBB Figure Pro’s on the IFBB circuit. Rising Muscle decided therefore to reach out to her to see what her plans are as a debuting pro in2Melbourne Arnold.  

So let’s Welcome Yvette for a brand new interview on Rising Muscle!

Country: Australia
City: Tamworth, New South Wales
Age: 27
Occupation: Student
Height: 169 cm
Division: Figure

Contest background:

2015 Arnold Classic Australia Overall Figure Winner – Pro Card Awarded
2015 U.S Amateur Arnold Sports Festival Figure Over 167cm – 6th Place
2014 IFBB Sydney All Female Classic Open Figure Tall – 1st Place
2014 IFBB Amanda Doherty Classic Open Figure – 3rd Place
2014 IFBB QLD All Female Classic Open Figure Tall – 1st Place
2014 IFBB Australasian Championships Open Figure Tall – 3rd Place
2012 IFBB Australasian Championships Figure Novice – 3rd Place

RM: Yvette, do you remember the first time you stepped inside a gym and what that experience was like?

YB: I do! I was 17 years old stepping into the weights room at the local PCYC. It just had your basic weight equipment, 2 bikes and a treadmill, but it was packed and I loved the atmosphere.  To be honest I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but thankfully I was given a program and shown what to do by my husband now of 10 years. After just 2 weeks I noticed definition in my legs and arms, I was less stressed and feeling more confident. I was hooked!

RM: What does yYvette bikini-54cour weekly training schedule look like?

YB: As a busy mum of 2 my training regime constantly changes and the program is always structured upon on my goals. At the moment it looks something like this:

Monday: Legs & Cardio (HIIT)
Tuesday: Back & Abs
Wednesday: Shoulders, Calves & Cardio (HIIT)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Legs & Cardio (HIIT)
Saturday: Back & Calves
Sunday: Shoulders & Abs

RM: When are you planning to take the stage again?

YB: I am currently preparing for my pro debut at the Kentucky Pro in November of this year and I’m so excited.

RM: If you knew what you know about training today what would you have done differently when you started?

YB: I definitely wouldn’t have been doing shrugs back in the day that’s for sure lol. But a few tips I would have given myself is:

1. To structure my program according to my goalsMelbourne Arnold 3
2. Tune in on mind to muscle connection: you’ll often see me busting out a set with my eyes closed
3. Allow your body to rest and recover.

RM: How far do you want to go as a figure competitor?

YB: I want to go all the way to Olympia!!! But one step at a time, I’m just excited to hit the pro stage.

RM: Ok Yvette, it is time to wrap up this interview, if there is anything you want to add, please feel free to do so:

YB: I am very passionate about inspiring others to pursue their dreams whether it be in the fitness industry, business or personal growth.  Having grown up in a broken, drug and alcohol effected family, witnessing death and tragedy, I had always put limitations on myself  and the success I would see throughout life. At age 20 that was when the penny really  dropped for me and I realised that regardless of all the crap I had been through as a child, with the rediculous decisions and actions made by those around me there was no way in hell I was going to let all of that hinder my happiness and success in life.  The gym has been a recovery tool for me and I am so thankful that I stepped inside that gym some 10 years ago.

But my message to everyone is:

“Life will always throw us curve balls, that’s just the way it is but NEVER put limitations on yourself and what you can achieve.   You are in control of your destiny. We are amazing creatures who can achieve the unachievable. I am living proof! NEVER EVER GIVE UP”

RM: Yvette thank you for the answers and inspiration! We wish you all the best in the future and that we will see you on the Olympia stage soon.

/ Team Rising Muscle!

Contact info:

IG: @yvetteaimeebrown_ifbbpro
Facebook: Yvette Aimee Brown IFBB Figure Pro
Email: yhbrown@hotmail.com


Photo credits:

1st: Matt Knappick Photography
2nd & 3rd:  Must-See Photography


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