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The 28-year-old Michelle Lewin was born in Venezuela and did work as a glamour model before she fully switched to the fitness lifestyle – and later on became a fitness model and bikini competitor.

Michelle moved to the United States 2 years ago, and decided after being training for a shorter while to compete in the bikini division. Michelle is one of the women in the frontline of the IFBB Bikini pros and fitness models around the globe. Lewin did recently competed at the Nordic Pro in Finland where she took the 10spot.  Additionally, RM got a chance to ask her questions about her life and perspectives on the fitness lifestyle.

RM: Michelle, in your opinion, what makes a successful IFBB-Pro Bikini competitor?

ML: Three things you do need: The symmetry of the body. Muscle, yes, but high factors are a wasp waist and nice, round booty. They are keys to success. A six-pack is not priority as many may think. You will also need to know how to pose, walk and move. Think that you will seduce your partner but your best friend is watching, and she cannot find it vulgar.  Smooth, sexy, but pretty. Third, you need to look good in general. This is at its very core a kind of beauty contest. You will not score goals, there are a bunch of judges that are watching your body and you’re every single move, looking for wow moments and flaws.

RM: You competed at the Nordic Pro recently how was your experience in Finland?

ML: It was totally awesome! Finland… what a place! I came there with no expectations, kinda scared that hey… do anyone knows me here. But no neunnameded to fear. The expo was excellent, the competition was well-organized in a typical finnish way.

RM: How did get into weight training and when did the idea of competing come up?

ML: My weight was 95 lbs. when I was 17 and I hated my body. So the gym kind of saved me. As Latina as I am, I was only training legs three days per week, no upper body. It’s just the last 3 years I have started crunching and curling. I came to the U.S. as a glamour model, but I loved the gym and the dieting and the demands came more from the fitness direction. And everybody told me to compete, so I was like, hey, let’s do it!

RM: What were the reasons behind moving to the U.S. and why Miami in particular?

ML: I was moving around quite much to try the luck in modeling. I was in Italy, Spain and unnamed (3)Sweden, but I was too short. Everybody kept telling me Miami, Miami! So I went here on holiday, and I was like… wooo… this is it!

RM: What interests do you have beside fitness?

ML: Everything I do is moving around, so that’s my interest. Walking around, rollerblading and, of course, travelling.

RM: Where in life is Michelle in 10 years?

ML: In 10 years I’m still in Miami, have a huge amount of trophies that I need to keep high so my kid’s won’t smash them. Hopefully, I have done a lot of TV by then. That seems like something I could be good at. Not acting… more like hosting.

RM: Which IFBB Pros inspire you? 

ML: I have always had Larissa Reis as my goal. But when I started competing, I realized that she’s extremely impressive, but not how I should look like in my category. Now it’s more like: I want abs like that girl, waist like this girl, booty like that girl.

RM:  What doguyjges a day in your life look like – any specific schedule?

ML: No, every day is super different. However, it starts with early morning cardio and weightlifting at night. In between, it’s normally photo shoots for different companies.

RM: Lastly, do you have any favorite quotes?

ML: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights” – Ronnie Coleman

RM: Thank you for the interview Michelle. We wish you all the best in the forthcoming of your career and are looking forward to see you hosting a tv-show in the close future. Additionally, keep up the great work continue inspire people around the globe to a healthier lifestyle!

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