9 Ways to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

How to build muscles without lifting weights

9 Ways to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

Do you find yourself asking, “How to build muscle without lifting weights?” Well, we don’t blame you! Lifting weights is certainly not everyone’s strong suit, and that is perfectly alright. Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, you can certainly build muscles without lifting weights. You don’t need to head to the gym or buy heavy weights to build muscles. There are many bodyweight exercises and techniques that can help you build muscle strength.

Read on to learn how to build muscle strength without lifting heavy weights!

How to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

Here are some ways to build your muscles without lifting weights:

1. Start Air Squatting

Air squats, also known as bodyweight squats, can help you target your glutes, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, and core muscles. Many body lifters add a barbell to the movement to increase the intensity of the exercise, but it’s not necessary. You can slow down your movement and add a pause toward the bottom or set up a single leg for a more challenging exercise.

To perform an air squat, you need to stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Then, raise your arms out in front of you and bend your knees slowly. Push your hips back in a squatting movement. Squat down as far as comfortable, but try to reach below your knees. Hold the position, then use your heels to stand back up. As you reverse the movement, lower your arms back to your side. Repeat the movement as needed.

2. Pull Your Body Weight with Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are inarguably one of the finest exercises for strengthening your upper body, i.e., your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, grip, and core. You can easily buy an affordable at-home pull-up bar and start exercising. Start by grasping the bar with an overhand grip. Keep your hands more than shoulder-width apart.

Make sure your legs are hanging straight down towards the floor. Squeeze your core and glutes while keeping your body as straight as possible. Pull your elbows down to your sides so that you can raise your chest to the bar. Hold your position and then reverse the motion while controlling your body’s movement. Repeat as needed.

9 Ways to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

3. Strengthen Your Core with Planks

One of the best muscle-building tips for your core is to perform planks. They target your entire core, including your lower back and obliques. They also strengthen your hips and shoulders when performed correctly, particularly if you add in leg and arm movements.

To perform a plank, start on your hands and knees and keep your hips directly above your knees and your shoulders above your wrists.  Step your right foot and then the left foot back to maintain balance on your hands and toes. Make sure your body is forming a straight line from your heels to the top of your head. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes by tucking your tailbone. Hold the position while ensuring a neutral spine. Repeat the movement as needed.

4. Try Plyometric Exercises

If you’re trying to build muscles without weight, you need to try plyometric exercises. They are powerful movements that boost your strength by working your muscles intensely. Athletes who need to run fast often perform plyometric exercises, such as star jumps or jump squats, to build muscle strength.

A jump squat will target your legs, abs, and butt. To perform it correctly, stand with your feet as wide apart as the width of your hips. Bend your knees and push your hips back in a squat-like position. Press your body through your heels and jump up as high as possible, swinging your arms up to gain the required momentum. Keep your body in control and land carefully into the squatting position before starting the next rep.

4.Try Plyometric 9 Ways to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

5. Swimming

If you’re looking for a low-impact exercise to build your muscles, you can try swimming. Even though it’s not strenuous as weight lifting, swimming will help you build your muscles over time. It provides you with a full-body workout that works many muscle groups, including your shoulders, back, abs, legs, and triceps. The movements required in swimming offer your muscles the ideal stimulation they need to grow.

6. Adopt a Protein-Rich Diet

One of the best muscle-building tips that do not include exercise is to eat more protein. The best sources of protein are eggs, chicken, turkey, tofu, and lentils. The amino acids that form protein act as building blocks for muscle tissue. It ultimately helps you build and maintain lean muscles. If you want to grow those muscles, you will have to combine your diet with the exercises mentioned in this blog.

7. Resistance Training

Resistance training is another great way to build muscles without lifting weights. It involves using elasticated bands during bodyweight exercises. Using these bands, you can target particular muscle groups or areas of your body. It helps to maximize muscle growth. Resistance training is also used during physical therapy to help people recover from their injury and gently rebuild muscle strength.

7.Resistance Training 9 Ways to Build Muscle without Lifting Weights

8. Perform Mountain Climbers

You can also perform mountain climbers to work your hip flexors and lower abs. To successfully perform a mountain climber, you will need to get in a high plan position by balancing your body on your palms and toes and forming a straight line from your head to toes. Make sure your palms are under your shoulders, and your back is in a neutral position while you brace your core.

Drive your right knee up toward your chest, then return it to its original position. Repeat with your left knee. When you have mastered the movement, try alternating the knees as quickly as possible while maintaining the plank position to work your muscles intensely.

9. Walk Like a Crab

If you’re getting bored of your regular exercise routine, you can switch things up by adding a few fun, old-school exercises to it, such as bear crawls or crab walks. A crab walk will help you work your butt, legs, and shoulders. To perform one properly, stand with your heels, butts, and hands planted on the floor. Make sure your hands are behind your back, and your fingers are facing your body.

Brace your core and press through your heels and heels to raise your hips a few inches off the floor. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and start walking backward on your feet and hands. Alternate your steps with each hand and foot. After a few steps, change your direction and walk back to your starting position.

Now that you know how to build muscle without lifting weights, make sure to try the workouts and tips mentioned above. Remember to be patient with your body and make exercising as fun as possible to maintain your routine. Good luck!

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