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Arnold Classic: 212 Predictions 2018

Author: Anton Eurenius  


This is a stacked class to say the least. We’ve got a good chance of seeing a close battle between like, yeah almost everyone here. One name sticks out of the remaining seven (Hadi is out), and that’s David Henry! The David Henry that last year arguably was the best man on stage (coming in second place to Ashkanani), and not just that, The Giant Killer is also an ex Olympia winner! Does this make him the man to beat? Well on paper, yeah for sure! But I wanna talk a bit about the other guys as well here, because some may be more dangerous than you may think!


Guy Cisternino
Charles Dixon
Kamal Elgargni
David Henry
Kyung Won Kang
Jose Raymond
Samir Troudi
Hadi Choopan – Not competing

Guy is as hardworking as anyone in this industry, we see him pounding heavy weights throughout the season and repping heavy until like the last day before a contest, he’s also a man that didn’t have the season he wanted last year, illness more or less wrecked his year and he stood out on the Olympia.

So what does this mean, Guy hasn’t competed since he pulled out of the New York Pro 2017 (which he should’ve not even entered due to his illness), after some recovery he’s now in the race again though, and scrolling through his Instagram feed this Guy looks dangerous! This is the first real off season Guy’s had for seven years, thrust me, this is going to be one of the best versions of Guy we’ve ever seen!

Charles Dixon (USA)

The tank is just like his nickname suggest, a tank! You don’t see many 212 guys as packed as Dixon, but what he got in size, he lacks in other areas instead, personally i don’t think Charles may be able to win this, but if everything goes his way he might place in the top 5 for the first time since 2015, otherwise he will see himself beaten by less experienced athletes, size isn’t everything!

Kamal Elgargni (Lybia)

Probably the most decorated amateur bodybuilder ever, winning the IFBB World Championships (seven times), Arnold Amateurs, Asian Championships and more, neglecting the Pro Card for years finally does his Pro debut here! Watch out for this man, he might be new in the pro circuit, but he’s certainly not new in bodybuilding.

David Henry (USA)

Oh David, is this your year? Last time you stepped onto this stage I was overwhelmed on your look, you actually surprised me! This man got almost everything, he’s got size, great lines, and he’s shredded to the god d*mn bone!

The one thing he lacks is quad size, fullness in his legs, and that’s basically the only thing that can hurt him in this line up, with guys like Charles, Guy and Jose that has tremendous leg size and fullness together with great conditioning, is it really enough to have an upper body that ’s flawless? Well, we’ll see! What i do know is that this guy will be a hard nut to crack this year!Kyung Won Kang (South Korea)

Dr. Kang, what have you cooked up for is this time? Arguably one of the coolest physiques in the entire division in my opinion, if he only came in hard he could do some serious damage in the right line up! This time i don’t think he got what it takes to really challenge the top guys though.

Jose Raymond (USA)

The Boston Mass, one of the best this division has ever seen, he won the competition in 2015, placed second 2016 and 3rd last year, he’s also a Mr. Olympia runner up and a four time Top Three Olympian, that speaks for itself! In my opinion this is Jose’s year, he was simply amazing all through last year, arguably even beating both Flex and Ashkanani in Korea! If David lacks in legs, but has got everything else?

Well i guess we can say that Jose lacks in having weak muscle groups… It’s maybe not the most pretty physique, but when Jose is on top of his game (which he is most of the time), there’s not many bad things you can say about his physique, if even anything, be ready, the Boston Mass is coming!

Samir Troudi (Sweden)

Our Swedish hope, Samir is a great guy with a great physique, the roundness is simply stunning, and this is also his strength, together with his proportions and great shape.

Samir is dangerous to anyone in this division, what he has to do here may be too tough though. But If Samir shows up a size bigger, a fraction more shredded and with one more year of details added, well then some guys gotta keep their head up and work hard up there on stage! If he’s done his home job and then some, Samir could end up somewhere in the top five.


1st: Jose Raymond
2nd: David Henry
3rd: Kamal Elgargni
4th: Guy Cisternino
5th: Samir Troudi
6th: Charles Dixon
7th: Kyung Won Kang


About Anton Eurenius



Born 1994 in Sweden.  I have a background in football (soccer), playing it between 4 and 18 years of age. Around the time I was 15 I went to the gym with my dad a couple of days a week, since my dad was a former competitive bodybuilder he teached me some basic movements and I was training with him for about 3 months. But being a rebellious teenager I stopped going when we moved cities and the football season started, stating that “I hate weight training and i don’t wanna build more muscle”, for the next couple of years the only training I did at the gym was some cardio and basic leg exercises.

As you probably understand things have changed, since 2012 I’ve been training hard and almost religiously been trying to build muscles, shaping a physique. Since 2015 I’ve done 5 shows, crowning it all of with the gold medal and first place trophy at last years Swedish Nationals. You see, things change, I’m nowadays kind of a bodybuilding-nerd, I love reading articles, researching about it, watching youtube series and listen to various bodybuilding related radio shows/podcasts and if someone asked me now, I would most likely say “I LOVE weight training and i wanna build A LOT more muscle!”.



Do you agree with Anton’s predictions or which one do you have as the top finishers?


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