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C.T. Fletcher Awaits Heart Transplant

C.T. Fletcher – powerlifter, bodybuilder and motivational speaker is currently at the hospital awaiting a heart transplant.

The 58 year old C.T. Fletcher – the strongman phenom from Compton has become close to a living legend in the bodybuilding and fitness society over the last years.

Mr. Fletcher is known to be a very popular motivational speaker who stand behind the concept that everyone should use what they got in the gym at work at a 100% level without any excuses. Even Jon Bones Jones, former UFC light heavyweight champion has said that he often uses the motivational words of Mr. Fletcher to get inspired in training but also as fuel to get fired up before fights.

Recently C.T. published a picture over social media  where he sits upright in a hospital bed, where he states that he’s not accepting visitors as they’d see him after his transplant.

I watched my mom & brother pass away from heart disease & when they were in the hospital relatives came that I hadn’t seen in yrs. They came because they thought it was their last chance to see them alive. Im not accepting visitors because they “will” see me after my transplant

Heart transplants fail at times, and approximately 85 to 90 percent of heart transplant patients are living one year after operation, with a yearly death rate of approximately 4 percent thereafter. The three-year survival approaches 75% according a study report.

Fletcher report about his condition on social media:

In addition to the upcoming surgery Fletcher had a major heart attack in June 2017. However, the last thing C.T. is giving up; he flat lined 3 times and still came back, so there are great chances for “Superman From Compton” to pull through a fourth time after a new heart id found and hopefully live under healthier condition in the future.


Rising Muscle wishes C.T. all the best with the upcoming surgery.


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