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Kevin Levrone Shows More of His 260 lbs Conditioning


Kevin Levrone is getting ready to make his last competitive appearance at Arnold Classic Australia.

In the following short video The 260 lbs “Maryland Muscle Machine” shows a bit of his upcoming shape before his last show at Arnold Classic Sport festival in Melbourne, Australia March 16th, 17th & 18th. The question on many people’s lips are if Levrone has brought up his legs this time around. The last appearance Levrone made was at Mr. Olympia 2016 where he looked good for the 52 year old man he was, but the symmetry was off due to him not being able to train legs at his highest level.

When the day arrives for the red carpet to roll out and open up the festival, and when the men’s open category is ready to enter the stage in Melbourne, everyone will know for sure if Levrone will deliver or just be remembered as the great bodybuilder he once was during the Golden era of the 90’s.

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