Our next pro athlete comes from the state of Mississippi. She is working as a US Army captain and is a competitive athlete at the same time. With a quite unique and interesting combination of two worlds,Charmaine Lett 

Rising Muscle took a chance to make an interview her, so let’s welcome IFBB Pro Charmaine Lett.

Age: 36
Country: US
City: Hattiesburg MS    
Occupation: US Army Logistics Captain (Promotable)
Height: 5’5ft / 167cm
Division: Figure

RM: When you work for the US Army, do you find is it difficult at times to follow your ordinary schedule as a professional and striving athlete?

CL: Yes absolutely. Being an Officer in the Military my number 1 job is that of a leader of soldiers. My days can quickly change from week to week with field training and random meetings that last for hours some days. However, its because of my military back ground I’m able to set a plan, execute it and evaluate myself in my training as a striving athlete.

RM: To become a successful Figure athlete how would you grade these four variables in percent? Diet, Training and Genetics?

CL: From my experience I would have to grade these in the following

Diet 35% : no matter how hard you train how great your genetics are and all the top of the line supplements cannot give you that great Figure physique without the proper fuel to push your body.

Training 30% you get out of your training everything you put into it.

Genetics 25% I think have great genetics makes it easier for a competitor to choose their category they wish to compete in. In return makes competition prep a little bit easier.

 RM: Where do you see the divisions of IFBB develop in the future – will there be new ones and will some diminish?

CL: I think the Physique division for men and women becoming the most popular in the near future. This is great for the males who aren’t as big as your typical body builder and holds the Steve Cook looking package with the face to match. Most guys I meet love this division because now they have something to aspire towards. That male fitness model look on season and off season without the huge gain. Now for the women that will pull many out of the female BB category which is a diminishing division also with the figure girls whose body may be too muscular for the figure category. We see it all time bikini girls moving to figure and some figure girls not placing as well as they would like due to the way their body hold muscle. I’m a firm believer you have to compete according to your body type. I would love to be a voluptuous Bikini bombshell however my genetic back ground and my activities as a swimmer and sprinter growing up shaped my back and shoulders super wide.   But that’s only in my opinion. I also think the fitness category will slowly dissipate just due to the lack of activities now days in the gymnastics field. I think it’s great for those with no gymnastic back ground become self-starters just like Adela Garcia however who’s falling in behind her to take on that legacy. I believe in the end for women we will have three categories Physique Figure and Bikini

RM: If you weren’t a professional IFBB athlete – what sports or activity do you believe that you would have been dedicated to?

CL: Prior to competing in figure I was a distance runner. The Army has an athlete program much like the elite College programs. U.S. Army athletes receive world-class training from the United States’ top coaches and trainers. The Army has training centers that specialize in some events, such as boxing, wrestling, and modern pentathlon. Depending on your sport, you will be assigned a training location, usually near a college or sports club with a proven record in preparing athletes for international competition. I would either be involved in Judo or the Army 10 miler team

RM: Charmain, when it comes to bodybuilding or fitness do you believe that there is something deeper than just getting in shape and being on healthy diets?

CL: Yes absolutely wither you compete or just workout to stay in shape year round for personal gratificatiunnamed (1)on. Just like everything in life if it’s worth it you must work for it. This includes on occasion turning down our favorite foods to obtain the physique we want. Also training to live a healthy and fit lifestyle is a full time job. You can take a few days off from the office go on vacation but when its time ot get back to work your skill set has diminish just a little. For me I like to see the change in my body it improves my mood and being 36 years old im appreciative for any positive gains.  If you are training for aesthetics, mass or to generally look good, you are a bodybuilder and you should train like one. Long term goals may work for some, but in the short term the goal is always just to progress. At the end of the day it’s the intestinal fortitude


RM: Do you have any plans to compete again soon – in that case what competition will that be?

CL: I plan to take some time from Nov-Feb and focus on filling out my shoulders more and my lower half. My coach Trae Kidd and I will evaluate my progress at that time and look at shows earlier in the year. So any shows between April and Jun will be in my eye sight.

RM: If you were placed on a desert Island to live for the rest of your life. Additionally you had to pick 3 IFBB Athletes to live side by side with – which ones would you choose and why?

CL: 1. Dana Linn Bailey DL10453656_518696594902665_1696695862_aB because of her comedic presence and motivational abilities. She would be the one on the island who would lighten the worst moods with her silly smiles and dance but at the same time get your ass in gear when it’s time to work.

  1. Kai Green beside his huge physical attributes and strength to take out any tree or beast that may come our way he will be the nightly entertainment with his dynamic dance moves or his subtle voice telling stories over a camp fire.
  2. And lastly Steve Cook simply because he reminds me of the 1980s Christopher Atkins from the Blue Lagoon. A girl needs something beautiful to look every day.

RM: lol great choices I must say!

RM: It is time for the round up – if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you might want to add, please feel free to do so: Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to tell my story of fitness. I would like to thank first my prep coach, Trae Kidd of out of Fayetteville Arkansas for his guidance and mentorship throughout my process.  My team mates of Team Insane Physiques, thank you for the love and support. My #1 Aces here in Mississippi Miranda Webb and Katrina Guevara you ladies have been my rock through this process and held my hand through the blood sweat and tears. Special thank my friends and family who are abroad for always supporting me and understanding my mission and my goals.

Thank you. And lastly but not least to my Army family past and present, especially my boss, LTC Conrad Schupay of the 158th Infantry Brigade, Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Thank you for supporting my passion and ambitions to compete by giving me the time needed to train.

Thank you again for this opportunity and please follow me on Instagram: @airbornelett and Facebook at Charmain Lett Ifbb Pro

Thank you for the interview Charmain. We are looking forward to see you back on stage in the future and we wish you all the best with your US army assignments in the forthcoming.


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