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The Benefits of Using Glutamine

Glutamine is one of 20 amino acids that together make up protein. The compound is non-essential, meaning the body produces a small amount of it by itself. Most the amino acid is stored in muscles followed by the lungs, where much of the glutamine is made.

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Vitamin B Benefits!

Vitamin B

B vitamins are found in almost all kinds of food, and it is particularly usual in the grain and meat. Therefore, it is very unusual with vitamin B deficiencyl. Vitamin B12 is distinguished by being the only B vitamin that is not found in plants, which is a problem for vegans …

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Calcium Facts!

Calcium is a mineral that helps to improve the impulses of the nervous system and does also regulate muscles and builds up bones and teeth.  Additionally, it also the heart's contraction and involved in blood clotting. The mineral also regulates many cellular functions and is needed for certain enzyme activities. 

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